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It all started a long time ago when two friends and like-minded agents decided to start a team, a foreign concept in the real estate industry in those days!

In the early 2000’s, Andy Bovender and Debbie Hooker, co-founders of the Andy Bovender Team, met at the office of the #1 real estate firm at the time. They found they shared similar work ethic, priorities, and goals – to serve their clients needs at the highest level! They decided to work together to grow their businesses while focusing on each other’s skill sets. Soon after, they were hired by a local builder to be its sales team, expanding Andy’s and Debbie’s clientele and the need to grow. They came to the decision of whether to bring on more staff, or expand their partnership into a team – a progressive concept in the industry. They agreed that a team was the best approach to help their clients. This philosophy has led them to where they are today. Currently, the Andy Bovender Team has eclipsed $1.3 billion in career sales!

In May 2021, the team made the decision to join Compass Real Estate as one of Compass’ Founding Teams for the Charlotte, NC Region. With a network of over 25,000 agents nationwide, industry leading tools and resources, and an unwavering passion to serve their clients, the partnership was a perfect fit. The Andy Bovender Team is Compass’ #1 team in both North and South Carolina!

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